Watford 3 Reading 0 – In Pictures

As Saturday dawned, long time chum and fellow Watford fan Kev “The Hammer” recognised ideal photography conditions and bought his brand spanking new camera to Watford’s pivotal game with Reading. Some of the resulting images turned out quite well, so to an almost audible sigh of relief,  this time round I’m going to let them do the talking.


Oh, and well done boys.

Vicarage Road watches with bated breath...

Fans keep the faith

Heidar and John Eustace have different ideas

Lansbury goes close

Jostling for position

Harry enjoys the sunshine

A picture is sometimes better than a thousand words...

Fans celebrate at 2-0

Lloyd looks on

Lee Hodson continues to come of age

McAnuff cuts an increasingly forlorn figure

Henri Lansbury

It was all too much for some...

Victory Salute

The last we'll see of this Watford legend?



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8 responses to “Watford 3 Reading 0 – In Pictures

  1. Amazing pictures – love the goal celebration especially.

    • rookerythoughts

      Thanks Simon – I was really pleased with the “celebration” picture, Kev (the owner of the camera) had left his seat to answer the call of nature, so I was behind the viewfinder for that one. There are quite a few others in the lead up to the goal and some other celebratory ones that I may post later.

  2. Marksany

    Those are really good shots. Amazing you can do so well from the crowd.

  3. yorkshire

    Some great shots here. Excellent quality too. Really capture the atmosphere.

  4. stuart

    wow! great photos! what lens did you use and how the hell did you get into the vic and manage to use it?

    Great post again! Keep up the good work!


    • rookerythoughts

      Hi Stuart, it wasn’t my camera, but I’ll find out the details on the equipment if you want? I was really impressed with it. In pictures taken from three quarters of the way back in the Rookery, you can clearly make out expressions on the Reading fans faces. Made for quite amusing viewing!

      In terms of taking it in, it was just slung in a rucksack – no questions asked! It wasn’t a huge lens, so didn’t draw any attention.

      My understanding is that you can take pictures as long as they aren’t for financial gain?

  5. stuart

    Yeah, would like to know actually! Was it a dslr with a lens? seems so so close and high res for most normal digital cameras! Very impressed!

    Have had trouble taking cameras into other stadiums, but mainly for concerts and that sort of thing! Great to see more pictures!


  6. Some superb photos. Even as a Reading fan who was fuming on the day, I can appreciate that. Well done to Watford for staying up and fully deserving their win.

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