Since we last spoke…

Whilst various managers and fans have been getting their knickers in a twist about dear old Tommy Smith, Watford have played two games of football. A truly welcome reminder as to what we are actually here for.

Saturday saw the home draw with Blackpool, and last night’s game away at Leeds was our first tentative glimpse into the post-Tommy era

Now, I’m ashamed to admit, I wasn’t at either game. I couldn’t go to the Blackpool game as I was at a wedding, (It was very nice actually, thanks for asking) and last night, well, last night was away at Leeds. On a Tuesday.

Therefore I’m not speaking from a position of much authority, but from what I have gathered form the various radio stations, interviews, web forums and blogs, things aren’t looking too bad. Not too bad at all. We sound like we are passing the ball reasonably well, creating chances and I’ll be blowed if we aren’t even scoring some.

Don Cowie is back from injury and Mike Williamson continues to inspire confidence. Of the summer signings, Danny Graham seems to have hit the ground running, although rather worryingly he hit the ground not running but in a crumpled heap at Elland Road last night, and didn’t re-emerge for the 2nd half. Hopefully just a precautionary move.

Lloyd Doyley doesn’t sound like he is playing as well as he did last season, and the same goes for young Ross Jenkins, who this year is playing with a sense of expectation for the first time. I’m sure they will both come good.

Obviously we are conceding goals, the game at Barnet representing our sole clean sheet this season. Letting two in at home to Blackpool  doesn’t indicate that we are going to be challenging at any stage this season. But we knew that. Following as it did the 2-4 romp at the City Ground, It does however seem to indicate that Watford games are going to be fun again. Entertaining. Enjoyable.

Fun, entertaining and enjoyable.  I reckon that will do for me.


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