Is there anyone, ANYONE at all that likes Ashley Cole?

This man has to be the epitomy of all that is wrong with football.

His comments in his autobiography were so unbeleivably daft it was almost funny. Almost. In saying that he couldn’t believe that Arsenal were arguing over “just another 5 grand a week” whilst renegotiating his contract he must have alienated virtually everyone. That extra 5 grand a week equates to an additional £260,000 a year. You really have to feel for him don’t you, especially as those reading the book probably earn less than his weekly wage per annum.

So there is that, his autobiography. Horrible, unecessary and uninteresting.

Then he cheats on his Mrs. Nice one. No problem though really as he has 10 cars and a PS3 in every room. Danielle Lloyd will no doubt be waiting in the wings. Its all good bruv.Crunch

And then there is last night, the game with Spurs. He commits a tackle for which he should have been sent off for (if not banned for life) and then makes a huge song and dance about being booked?! This bloke is so far removed form reality that it is mind boggling. 

What an odious little twerp.

So. I ask you. Is there anyone on gods green earth, anyone at all, who has anything resembling warm feelings to this cretin? I’d be very, very suprised…



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4 responses to “Is there anyone, ANYONE at all that likes Ashley Cole?

  1. Tone Says Hi Ho Silver Lining


  2. Mrs Cole

    I’m his Mum, and I think he’s a no-good t*@t.

  3. omgror

    You actually READ his autobiography!?

    What on earth possessed you to do such a thing?

    Please tell me you didn’t spend money on it?

  4. ShakyDD

    What an excellent blog this is – and what a super article this was. And in answer to your question, no – I don’t believe anyone likes him, except perhaps that bloke that gave him a nosh for £5k and wasn’t allowed to be published in the NOTW. But I agree with every single word you said here – you sum up exactly what is wrong with football and the Pampership in particular. Greedy, odious, mostly rather stupid overpaid morons who, for the most part, would be in Wormwood Scrubs if it wasn’t for football. And what makes it worse is that we pay for it through our TV subscription.
    Keep up the good work.

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