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Someone explain it to me. Please.

KnobI must be missing something. I’m sure I am. I have to be.

 How else could something so unfathomable be unfolding before our eyes.

Incident one. Your favourite man of the people and mine, Ashley Cole is lucky not to break Anthony Hutton’s leg with one of the worst tackles seen this season. He then breaks enough rules for roughly 8 yellow cards in the form of dissent. Throw into the mix an unashamed display of bullying tactics from his team mates, and what is the sum total? A yellow card.

Undoubtedly upon seeing the replay, Mike Riley will have quickly realised he made a mistake and will have been painfully aware he should have sent Cole off. However, the FA say that further punishment is not an option, as Riley dealt with the incident at the time with a yellow card.

Now, onto incident two. John Eustace mis-times a tackle in the early stages of a game with Stoke. Our old chum Sir Robert of Styles is quickly onto the scene with his red card. After all, it had been a good couple of minutes since he had been the focus of attention, and calling Watford players for foul throws was starting to get boring. Anyway, a disappointed Eustace trudges off the field, Watford players and fans disbeleiving, Stoke players and fans likewise. However, despite what appeared to be an appalling decision, there wasn’t much in the way of the protest on the field.

This is when things get even worse. A couple of days later it transpires that Styles, seemingly not happy with the three match ban that Eustace would now serve, had reported him for not leaving the field of play quick enough. An act which apparently is worthy of an extra two match ban. This means Eustace was facing a five match ban for a mis-timed tackle and a refusal to sprint from the field of play after being harshly red carded.

Today it was revealed that indeed Eusatce will face an extra match ban, added retrospectively, for what Rob Styles deemed failure to leave the pitch quick enough.

So. Lets recap.

Ashley Cole nearly breaks someone’s leg, hurls foul mouthed abuse at the referee for a period of 3 to 4 minutes, and gets his chums to join in on his behalf. He gets booked at the time, and nothing can happen after the event as a result. No ban, and Chelsea just carry on with their first choice left back. He does apologise two days later though. Great. It was just so heartfelt too…

John Eustace gets sent off, perhaps wrongly. There is no great comotion, yet after the event he gets another match added to his ban for failing to leave the pitch quickly enough. He gets a four match ban and Watford are without one of their most influential players at the most important stage of the season.

I hope the question I am asking is obvious, but just in case it isn’t, here it is.

How on gods green earth can rules be in place that mean a player can be punished retrospectively for minor offences, seemingly on a whim, whilst potentially career threatening, borderline criminal offences are continually allowed to go unpunished?

Can anyone help?



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Is there anyone, ANYONE at all that likes Ashley Cole?

This man has to be the epitomy of all that is wrong with football.

His comments in his autobiography were so unbeleivably daft it was almost funny. Almost. In saying that he couldn’t believe that Arsenal were arguing over “just another 5 grand a week” whilst renegotiating his contract he must have alienated virtually everyone. That extra 5 grand a week equates to an additional £260,000 a year. You really have to feel for him don’t you, especially as those reading the book probably earn less than his weekly wage per annum.

So there is that, his autobiography. Horrible, unecessary and uninteresting.

Then he cheats on his Mrs. Nice one. No problem though really as he has 10 cars and a PS3 in every room. Danielle Lloyd will no doubt be waiting in the wings. Its all good bruv.Crunch

And then there is last night, the game with Spurs. He commits a tackle for which he should have been sent off for (if not banned for life) and then makes a huge song and dance about being booked?! This bloke is so far removed form reality that it is mind boggling. 

What an odious little twerp.

So. I ask you. Is there anyone on gods green earth, anyone at all, who has anything resembling warm feelings to this cretin? I’d be very, very suprised…


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Watford 0 Stoke City 0 – 15/02/2008

First off, it’s been a while.

There are reasons for this, some too boring to go into here, some to do with me being busy, others to do with me feeling a bit apathetic towards football in general. If you had the misfortune to read any of my earlier postings, you’ll know exactly what I mean…

The Stoke game on Saturday was a welcome shot in the arm for me, although it was something of a double edged sword. On the plus side, it reignited a bit of passion in me and also served as a reminder that Watford can play with pride, belief and a bit of oomph. On the downside, it did make me think that perhaps this year won’t be our year, and if this proves to be the case, sadly we won’t have anyone to blame but ourselves. Aidy believes...

 However, in the main, this is what Saturday afternoon’s should be about. A bit of atmosphere both in and outside the ground, controversy, missed chances, pantomime villains and heroes, the lot. All in all, good fun.

I guess the main talking points will be the sending off and the missed penalty.

The sending off. Well, at the time I was beside myself with anger, it looked like an awful, awful decision, and it didn’t take long for the cold facts to make it even more of a cause for concern. Not only were we to play one of the divisions’ front runners with 10 men for 70 minutes, but we were also going to be without one of our most influential players for two very tough away games. Lets hope it doesn’t prove pivotal.

Having seen the replay on Sky, I can sort of see why Styles made the decision, but it really was made with indecent haste, and I remain convinced that a yellow card would have been the most suitable and sensible course of action. Only time will tell how much of an imapct Styles’ latest showing against us will have.

The penalty. It was a penalty. It wasn’t as most people thought, for a foul – it was actually for handball, and this is clearly visible on the replay. Soft, and I’m sure were it the other way around we wouldn’t have been happy, but hey, thems the breaks. As it happens it didn’t matter one jot – the keeper made a good save to his right and that was that. At the time I was quite critical – my brother rightly pointing out that it would have been the perfect penalty “had the keeper gone the other way…” hard to argue with that logic really. Being hyper-critical, Doris did seem to telegraph it a bit, but I have immense respect for Darius and the work he does week in week out for our team, and to shoulder the responsibility for another critical spot kick speaks volumes. Just one of those things Doris, keep your chin up.

The two major incidents aside, Watford could, and perhaps should have won this game. The Stoke stats of zero shots on target and zero shots off-target tell their own story, and the increasing number of tantrums and hissy fits from Ricardo Fuller tell you all you need to know about the performance of the Watford defence (or of course further evidence of his suspect temprement).

Stoke provided absolutely nothing, and one can’t help but wonder what would have happened had Eustace stayed on. But then again, that is what this season has been all about. A whole load of ifs, buts and maybes.

Things are looking up though, and thanks to the rest of the division succumbing to a whole load of ifs buts and maybes, we still have a decent chance.

Let’s make a decent fist of it.

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