Why I’m here…

My brother says I witter.

On the way home from the most recent Watford game (home to Charlton – a 1-1 draw if you were wondering) I am certain that I saw a couple of strands of his hair turn grey before my very eyes, caused almost certainly by me regailing him with my thoughts and ideas on what is right and what is wrong at our beloved club.

By the time we got home he appeared to have aged a further 5 or 6 years, so I figured it was time to give him a break and do my “wittering” elsewhere. Here.

So, what you will see on here are my thoughts on Watford. I can’t guarantee that they will be entirely coherant – in fact you too will probably age dramatically if you read too much of what I’ve got to say, but hey, try to think of it as doing my brother a good turn.

He’s a good bloke, and doesn’t deserve to be grey at 28.


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